Education Manager

Amigos de Guadalupe Center for Justice and Empowerment seeks to hire an Education Manager who understands the issues of highly impacted communities of color, where access and resources are missing and the opportunity gap is highest.

Education Manager – Job Summary


Posada Project:  Housing-Case Manager

Posada Project at Amigos de Guadalupe believes it is critical to support individuals and
families who find themselves in need of housing support. When individuals or families are
forced from their homes despair from displacement limits every member from thriving.

Amigos de Guadalupe fulfills its mission by focusing on four strategies: Expansive Outreach
( alcance comunitario ), Trusted Information & Referral ( amigos de confianza ), Targeted
Direct Services Program ( comunidad fortalecida ) and Case management ( compañerismo ).

The Housing Case Manager will be mostly focused on comunidad fortalecida
and compañerismo .

Housing Case Manager – Job Summary


All resumes may be sent to:

Rachel Garcia, Office Manager