“My Dream” Stories & Comments

We will publish your stories, letters and comments about “Your Dreams” and your concerns regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  To submit your story, click the button above “Submit a Testimonial” and select the category “My Dream & DACA Stories.” Once moderated for viewing, we will post it here.

Here are our current postings:

Overcoming obstacles with a smile

for San Jose, California

My name is Mary and I am the mother of Raul who is 7 years old. I've had a terrible time adapting because as a child I never had a stable home. When I decided to merried I thought it would be for ever. Life didnt have the same plan for that merriage. I am a greatful single mom because I have a child out of a toxic relationship. I am growing my son to be a happy and good Continue Reading

I’m scared

I'm scared I am scared of my future I am scared of what might happen to my family and my friends for we did nothing wrong. I hope nothing comes between us all that nothing separates us. We are all equal yet some people can not understand that. whats wrong with society? is it because I'm Mexican? or is it because I am undocumented? I'm scared to see whats next for me if I dreams become crushed. I'm scared of Continue Reading

A Mother’s Letter

I am the mother of two youths that have DACA.  Continue Reading

I won’t be able to get work or finish school

We need peoples help so they can help us change the president's mind on DACA and us.  Continue Reading

Why Do Bad Things To Good People?

When I was only two years old, my mother safely carried me in her arms on our way to the country where the possibilities are endless. After a few years of growing up, I learned more about who I was and what my status here in California is. I then worried for my future but DACA gave me an opportunity to feel safe. However right before my eyes DACA was eliminated by Donald Trump our current president. After the DACA Continue Reading

“I can make a positive change in this world…”

After Trump has took his decision to take off DACA, I still am the same person I was before the announcement. Continue Reading

Not Sure Whether to Be Scared or Have Hope

At this moment I am at the point where I don’t know if I should be scared or have hope. . . it makes me question a lot about my future. Continue Reading

Defend Daca

I’m 15 years old and I aspire to be a professional boxer. I’m really gifted in a lot of areas including school, but in all honesty nothing in college or school excites me in the least, don't get me wrong I appreciate my education and everything my parents have done for me, but I really don’t like school and the only thing that really makes me happy at this point in time is anything that has to do with athletics. Continue Reading