Amigos Stand with our DACA Students and Families

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Message from Maritza Maldonado, Founder and Executive Director

The People United Shall Never be defeated

El Pueblo Unido jamás será Vencido! 

 In a chilling and immoral act this week, President Trump, speaking through Attorney General Jeff Sessions, vowed to end the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program in six months.

 Amigos de Guadalupe, Center forJusticeandEmpowermentwas named after its value system, a firmly held belief that all people should live in a just world that empowers all individuals to rise up in our society to live out their own hopes and aspirations.  Never has this vision been more relevant! Today, we need to come together more than ever to demand justice and empowerment for all DACA students and their families. We stand in solidarity with our DACA students and families! 

 Our attention now turns to Congress to demand a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform. Our Congress has an opportunity to work together to fix our broken immigration system. We urge each of you to call local and national Congress members and urge them to create a pathway to citizenship for our 11 million brothers and sister.

 Amigos believes that every child residing in the United States—regardless of their immigration status—has the right of access to a high-quality education, adequate food and shelter, and basic health care services. Ensuring that all children, including immigrant children, have the opportunity to become productive members of society is essential and in the best interest of the nation.

 In California, 242,339 young people have received DACA status since 2012.  While California’s public colleges and universities don’t track the number of DACA students enrolled, they estimate that 72,300 undocumented students are enrolled at the University of California, California State University, and California Community Colleges (60,000 at community colleges, 8,300 at Cal State and 4,000 at UC).  These students have done everything we’ve asked of them.  They hold future promise for our State and community. Each year, Amigos sends DACA students, usually the first in their families, away to college aided by Amigos scholarships.  In many cases, a scholarship is the difference between being able to go away to college and achieve their own dreams and not being able to go to school. Today we raise our voices for justice and for the 11 million families that live in the shadows.  We ask you to join the civil rights movement or our time by raising your voice, to act, to organize, and mobilize.    ¡Si Se Puede!

 Be on the lookout for announcements, meetings, and activities that continue to raise awareness and that advocate for a just place in society for all our families

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