Anti Supremacy Statement

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We stand in solidarity against hate and violence!

For Immediate Release

As organizations in the historic Mayfair neighborhood, we condemn the violent and racist acts that have been increasing at an alarming rate since the new administration took office.   We believe there is only one side responsible for the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, and we stand united in total opposition to bigotry, white supremacy, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and the acts of domestic terrorism committed in this country by Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi terrorist organizations.

We recognize that these actions are not isolated or new. They are part of a long history of attacks against people of color to exert control, instill fear, and deny our communities their human right to exist. The violence and hatred perpetrated by the Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi terrorist organizations in Charlottesville are a continuation of this legacy. These actions cannot and will not be tolerated today in our community.  We will not allow them to oppress and erase the dreams, power, and leadership of our community, and perpetuate systemic inequity and injustice.

We stand in solidarity with those who are fighting for the right to work and live without fear in a more inclusive society. We mourn all those who have lost their lives in the name of justice, dignity, and human decency.  We hear your call to action, and we commit to take action in our community, even in the face of conflict, to create a world where we support one another and where our children can live in safety and freedom.

We recognize that these actions have a local impact and…we have an opportunity to make a local impact…

As we determine next steps in the coming days, we ask that you make time to discuss these events, to own any fears, and to transform those fears into hope so we can find ways to support each other.

We ask all elected officials and decision-makers to take a strong and official stand against bigotry, white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia in both word and deed. This includes not allowing Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi groups to use our public spaces as centers for hate, violence, and intolerance. As the events in Charlottesville have shown us, the Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi groups are motivated to kill and foster violence against anyone who does not align with their corrupt ideology. We consider allowing space for these groups to assemble as collaboration with them, and we will hold responsible any official/decision-maker who does so.

We believe in the right to live life free of fear, hopelessness, and hatred.

We ask the public to stand together in courage, and demand that our elected officials and decision-makers stand with us against any Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi rallies in the Bay Area. Please reach out to your local officials and ask them to stand with us in fighting against hatred and intolerance.

With courage & love,

SOMOS Mayfair, the School of Arts & Culture @ the Mexican Heritage Plaza, Amigos De Guadalupe, Grail Family Services, and Veggielution.

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