Guiding Values

Our first four Core Values are derived from the ten values that guided the life and work of Cesar Chavez. Through the four values we have selected as most relevant to our work, Amigos de Guadalupe will perpetuate the legacy of Cesar Chavez in is home community in East San Jose.

The final two values reflect two specific values shared with our fellow partners in the Si Se Puede Collaborative.


Knowledge and education form the core of our work.  We promote the pursuit of self-directed learning, and the development of critical thinking and constructive problem-solving skills for every member of our community.


We firmly believe that with constant faith, steadfast commitment, patience, and optimism, we can prevail against all odds.  We draw our strength from the very despair in which we may have been forced to live.  We shall endure.


Our programs develop creative ways to build strategies and tactics to resolve problems and situations that often seem insurmountable to others.

Vibrant Community:

We celebrate the joyous and respectful expression of cultural diversity through the reinforcement of the values of equity and responsibility to and for one another.  We believe that we cannot seek achievement for our own selves without also remembering the need for progress and prosperity across the entire community.


We believe that the most vulnerable among us deserve the highest quality programs and services, with no exceptions. “The least of the least deserve the best of the best.”

Shared Leadership:

From one’s needs and day-to-day reality comes a joint realization that challenges and issues are shared and can be collectively solved