Defend Daca

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Defend Daca
September 7, 2017

I’m 15 years old and I aspire to be a professional boxer. I’m really gifted in a lot of areas including school, but in all honesty nothing in college or school excites me in the least, don’t get me wrong I appreciate my education and everything my parents have done for me, but I really don’t like school and the only thing that really makes me happy at this point in time is anything that has to do with athletics. For the most part I am a really bright kid and love challenges whether it be mental or physical, challenges are always fun. I will of course still focus on my education and try to get good grades, but I really don’t see my future behind a desk. If I did have to choose though architecture is the least boring to me, but that is a last resort. Boxing is really the only thing that excites me at the point, but without the support of my parents it is really hard to start training, that is why I am just waiting to be 18 and therefore start my path of becoming a boxer and realizing my dream.

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