“I can make a positive change in this world…”

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“I can make a positive change in this world…”
September 13, 2017

After Trump has took his decision to take off DACA, I still am the same person I was before the announcement.In my opinion being scared of something that is not 100% sure would just bring you nothing but stress. So I always try to avoid the fact that he did that and I continue to live life to the fullest. After our president has made the call, I would continue who I am right now. I would not let one decision of an indecisive person take over my life and bring me down. The support that I really need is from my parents. I need them to keep on supporting and make me strive to the best person I can ever be. I need to prove wrong those who really think us Mexicans came just to take away their rights and be no help. I need them to see that one person can come in and prove that I can make a positive change in this world and would contribute to the American necessities.  


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