Why Do Bad Things To Good People?

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Why Do Bad Things To Good People?
September 13, 2017

When I was only two years old, my mother safely carried me in her arms on our way to the country where the possibilities are endless. After a few years of growing up, I learned more about who I was and what my status here in California is. I then worried for my future but DACA gave me an opportunity to feel safe. However right before my eyes DACA was eliminated by Donald Trump our current president.

After the DACA announcement I am living in fear because I’m not sure what can happen next. Before it got eliminated I felt safe because I was protected under it. I didn’t have to live in the shadows but now I am back to living in it. You see I arrived in California at age two and seeing DACA disappear before my very own eyes really makes my heart ache. I was brought by mom to give me a chance at a good education but I feel like that’s being taken away. This shouldn’t be happening because I have been, always, on my best behavior in this country and I am constantly giving to the community. Never in my life have I been so anxious, worried, and sad all the same time.

I am not quite sure where to go from here. I have faith that everything will turn out just fine and that everything will go back to normal. Actually even better, maybe get citizenship. I have been wanting to go to rallies and marches but I have responsibilities at home such as taking care of my little brother because my mom goes to work every single day. I will definitely be doing that this upcoming week because I need to fight for what I believe in, especially if I know what is happening is wrong and is taking our rights away. We are all human no matter our race, color, gender or even status. I have to make sure that I am doing the best I can to make a difference because one person can make a change even if it is small. It will somewhat help.

I feel like I need help from my own self. I know that it is a bit strange but I feel like I can’t be helped if I do not help myself first. I have to learn how to cope with how I feel and turn that into something positive by doing something to stop the issue that is hurting me. Overall I think that I have this handled because I am a firm believer. I do need to know why this is happening to us. The good people. We pay to renew our DACA and we give millions of dollars to receive this treatment? It’s not fair because we are not criminals. We are just looking for a better life and opportunities and that is exactly what California gives us. It shouldn’t be taken away from us.

It really isn’t fair that Donald Trump is doing this to us. What have we done to make him so angry? We are not all criminals or rapists. Again, why do bad things happen to good people?

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