Yolanda’s Story

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Yolanda’s Story
September 9, 2017

I am a single mother of an autistic son. We were living in a garage and on June 1st of this
year we were told that we needed to leave because the owner had sold the house.
During this time I found it difficult to work and try to find a new home. I ended up leaving
and moving myself and my son into our car. I learned about Amigos de Guadalupe from a
neighbor who goes to the parish. I felt desperate, I couldn’t work at all because I had to
care for my son.

When I went to Amigos I asked for help with 1st month rent at a new. I was greeting by my
soon to be Case Manager, who helped me and guided me to not only find a home but also
think about my future and how to have a stable life for my son.

We talked about my goals to have a house of our own, a car and one day have my son meet
his grandfather who lives in Mexico.

Thank you to Amigos my son are no longer living in our car. I am so happy because now we
have a stable place to live.

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