Amigos de Guadalupe

Center for Justice and Empowerment


Our Core Belief

Education is our right and the great equalizer, empowering our children and families to access lifelong opportunities.

Our Mission

Amigos de Guadalupe advances the conditions for learning by helping local families meet their basic needs.


Our Vision

Mayfair children and families lead thriving lives, anchored in confidence of one's gifts, choices and dreams.

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See you next Summer, Under the Sun!
Our Summer Under the Sun Program took place
June 27th - July 22nd 2022
Here is a little bit of what happened. 

Thank you for celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary with us!


Our Scholarship Application for the 2022-23 school year is now closed.

Amigos de Guadalupe offers scholarships to recent high school graduates going to college or continuing undergraduate and graduate students with the goal of supporting the completion of a student's desired college degree. Additionally, Amigos provides scholarship recipients with a mentor who will contribute valuable guidance throughout the student's college experience. 

Our scholarship recipients for the 2022-23 school year have been selected and were honored in our annual Scholarship Mass at St. Francis of Assisi!

Click here to check out some of our previous scholarship recipients.

Our Mayfair Community

Amigos de Guadalupe was born out of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in the Mayfair community. From our center in the Mayfair community, we run programs that serve all of East San Jose. These include the zip codes of 95116, 95122 and 95127.

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"It is my deepest belief that only by giving our lives do we find life."

- Cesar Chavez

Join Our Team

We're creating lasting change in the Mayfair community.

If you want to join our team and fulfill our vision of a Mayfair community

where families lead thriving lives, anchored in confidence of one's gifts, choices and dreams,

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