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Our Safe Park Program (Posada) will provide you with a safe location to park overnight. This is the place where you will become part of a community while getting case management. Our commitment to the Safe Park community is guided by our values, such as radical hospitality and a focus on a 2-Generation approach. We will work alongside community members with the objective of attaining a pathway to permanent housing.

Our Safe Park program was founded in 2017 and as of 2021 has served over 315 community members.

Our values are:



We believe in building a strong and supportive community among our Safe Park guests. We offer workshops, Community Nights, weekly laundry and shower services, dinner nights, case management and other events with the goal of collectively helping one another thrive. 

Radical Hospitality 
We believe in putting extraordinary effort and emphasis on making people feel welcomed. We focus on breaking down barriers that hinder community members from achieving their goals regardless of their language, socioeconomic status, culture or background. 


2 Generation Approach

The 2 Generation Approach centers on looking at the needs of the family unit instead of focusing on one individual. This approach creates a legacy of educational success and economic prosperity that passes from one generation to the next. 

What you need to apply:

  1. ID / Drivers License (Copy for all Adults staying in vehicle.)

  2. Birth Certificate (Copy for all Children staying in vehicle.)

  3. Car Registration

  4. Car Insurance

  5. Proof of Income & Expenses

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