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Rental & Deposit Assistance


What is

Rental & Deposit Assistance?

Amigos offers rental and deposit assistance to tenants who reside in Santa Clara County.

How do I Apply?

The first step is to stop by our office to pick up an Intake and consent forms so we can learn more about your situation and direct you to the appropriate program offered at Amigos de Guadalupe.

Filling Out a Form

What to bring:

1) Photo Identification for adults.

2) Birth Certificate for minors.

3) Rental agreement and rent notices.

4) Proof of Income (pay stubs or employment letter).

5) Bills to show electricity or water expenses.

*All information is entered into the Santa Clara HMIS database for your identity protection.

All who wish to enroll must fill out a Release Of Information form (ROI). One ROI per-person.

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