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We invest in our youth and our adults through several programs that are designed to provide a number of excellent learning resources throughout the year. Some of our programs include:

Summer Under the Sun

Reader Leaders

Scholarship and Mentorship 

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Summer Under the Sun

“Summer Under the Sun” is a program for students entering Kindergarten through 8th grade. With the pandemic keeping our children behind the screen for virtual learning, Summer Under the Sun allows the children in our community to interact with each other in a fun, safe environment between school terms. This Program is designed to supplement academic learning,  and strengthen our community by promoting fellowship and leadership.

Program Dates:

TBA, 2022 – TBA, 2022

Program Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Registration Form:

Download application (English & Spanish)

*Applications will only be accepted in the office, we are not accepting applications via email this year. 

Amigos Reader Leaders After School Program

Amigos de Guadalupe’s After School Program supports academic achievement for all middle school students, throughout the academic school year. The program provides academic instruction and homework support, designed to strengthen children’s basic English and Math skills, while providing them with a rich, high quality curriculum based on California’s Common Core Standards.

Program Hours:

Mon. -Wed. & Fri.: 3:20pm – 5:30pm | Thur. 2:05pm - 5:30pm


Renaissance II (Formerly Lee Mathson Middle School) Room D-5


College Scholarships with Mentorship Opportunity


Amigos de Guadalupe believes in investing in young leaders in our community because they represent hope for the future of East San Jose. We want our youth to be successful so they can support real change in our community, thus we offer Scholarship and Mentorship opportunities once per calendar year. Applications are screened and selected by our Board Members. Once selected, scholarship recipients are assigned a mentor that will provide valuable guidance throughout their college experience and continue fostering a connection via Amigos de Guadalupe throughout the recipient's academic journey.


Applications are now closed for 2022 but will reopen at the beginning of 2023. 


A few words from our Scholarship Recipients:


"As a scholarship recipient, Amigos has aided in providing me with a sense of financial freedom that has allowed me to focus on my academics full-time. This was incredibly important to me as a first-generation, low-income student, especially so because I was moving across the country for college. Some of the things the scholarship has helped me fund include my round-trip flights from San Jose to Boston, as well as a new laptop.


Aside from the monetary aid, I was also blessed with a supportive community within Amigos. Over my winter break, I had the pleasure of interning with Amigos as a Community Navigator. Working directly with members of the same community I grew up in bolstered my perspective regarding the lack of resources amongst low-income, minority groups. It helped me intentionally help my community move forward and access what they have been deprived of for so long.


Overall, Amigos and being a scholarship recipient has been a wonderful aid to furthering my education, and if you are a youth - especially a youth from East San Jose like me - please apply!"

- 2022 Scholarship Recipient, Giselle Chiprez

"Amigos had the unwavering belief that I could go to college. They didn’t ask for my grades. They didn’t need to see my test scores. They looked at me, a young Latino wanting to go to college and trying to figure it out. I was lucky enough to be the first cohort to have received the scholarship.


 It helped in so many different ways, one of them being the culture shock of having peers that were wealthier than I was, and then there were the textbooks which cost more than my family makes in one week...

Thanks to the Amigos scholarship and the mentorship that came along, I was able to pay for all of my college expenses.


Amigos had the same unwavering belief as my parents, that a poor Latino who grew up in the East Side could attend one of the best universities in the world. And so, it’s that unwavering belief that got me a full ride into the University of Chicago, that  got me to graduate with honors and pick up two degrees in economics and public policy, that brought me back to East San Jose to serve as the Director of Finance of the very same nonprofit that had the unwavering belief in me.


Now as a member of the Amigos team I have the same unwavering belief in the youth here in the east side and I encourage any student like me to apply."

-First cohort Scholarship Recipient, Jose Murillo