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Casitas de Esperanza

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Families enrolled in Casitas de Esperanza will be supported through intensive case management, meals, educational activities for children and community events.

What is Casitas de Esperanza?

Casitas de Esperanza provides temporary Casitas (tiny homes) to families experiencing displacement.


Case Management

Once enrolled in Casitas de Esperanza, families are offered case management that focuses on supporting families with transitioning to permanent housing, ensuring children achieve their educational goals, and that adults attain their career and personal goals. 

Our values are:



We believe in building a strong and supportive community amongst the families residing at Casitas de Esperanza. Some of the ways that Casitas de Esperanza emphasizes community building is through gardening with our families, hosting dinner events with our volunteers and families, Easter egg hunts, and other community celebrations.


Radical Hospitality

A practice of putting extraordinary effort and emphasis on making people feel welcomed. Casitas de Esperanza focuses on breaking down barriers that prevent people from participating in an effort, campaign, or community.


2 Gen. Approach

The 2 Gen. Approach centers on addressing the needs of the family unit as a whole. The goal of using the 2 Gen. Approach here at Casitas de Esperanza is to create a legacy of educational success and economic prosperity that passes from one generation to the next.


How can I be placed in this Program?

Families who are presently facing houselessness can call the Here4You Hotline number at

408-385-2400 and ask about the Casitas de Esperanza Program. 

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